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5 Simple Tips to Transition your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Well guys, it’s finally here, sweater weather! We just love fall and all of the cute styles that come with it. When transitioning from summer to fall, it can sometimes be difficult to find pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. Especially if you live in Southern Cali like we do. Who else has woken up in the morning, dressed for the crisp weather, only to be sweating by afternoon? We feel ya, so keep reading to see how you can still wear some of your summer pieces mixed with a few fall must haves to form the perfect look and NOT regret your outfit choice by lunch.

summer to fall outfit by Simply Sisters


1. Layer, Layer, Layer

One of the easiest ways to transition your summer wardrobe to fall, is to layer. You can pair the same cute summer outfits with a cardigan, flannel, kimono, or jacket.  This is the perfect way to add fall style to your summer wardrobe. You can pair your summer tanks and camis with a fun flannel or cute kimono and instantly transform your look. Get creative and you will be able to put together some super cute and fun looks!

Fall scarves by Simply Sisters


2. Throw on a Scarf

We love scarves! They are perhaps one of the most timeless fall wardrobe pieces. They are so versatile and can quickly change the look of any outfit. Choose from a lightweight version or a more chunky scarf to add color and texture. You can easily pair a scarf with an existing summer outfit to give it a cozy fall look.

Fall outfit with booties, shorts, an sweater by Simply Sisters


3. Show off those legs

When it begins to cool off, we love to pair our shorts and skirts with chunky sweaters and cardigans. This is such a cute way of mixing summer and fall pieces to create an entirely new look. Plus, this allows you to show off those tanned summer legs for a little while longer.

Cute outfit with tights and boots by Simply Sisters


4. Add leggings or Tights

Another great way to continue wearing those shorts and skirts this fall, is to pair them with a legging or tight. This will instantly update your look for the season. You can also wear them with your summer dresses for an immediate transformation.

Fall booties by Simply Sisters

5. Swap out Those Sandals for Booties

Who doesn’t love a good pair of booties? They are possibly our favorite fall staple item. They will not only keep your feet warm, but will quickly give your summer outfit a cute fall update.

So there you have it, 5 simple ways to transition your summer wardrobe to fall. Now go  have fun as the season changes, and mix and match your pieces to create the perfect fall look. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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