secret to camo trend by Simply Sisters

The Secret to Wearing Camo

secret to camo trend by Simply Sisters
Camo Trend
Camo leggings trend by Simply Sisters
Camo leggings with Sweater
Camo Leggings by Simply Sisters
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The camo trend is everything right now! Are you loving this trend as much as we are? What we love about this trend is how versatile it is. Everywhere we look, women are wearing camo jackets, shirts, pants, even shoes. We know this masculine print can be intimidating to wear for some, which is why we wanted to write this post. As promised,  the secret to wearing camo is:

Pair it with something feminine! 

That’s right, just pair your favorite camo piece with something flirty, girly, and/or pink to mix up the utilitarian vibe. These camo leggings are so cute paired with this oversized sweater and delicate necklace. This outfit is not only cozy, but also super cute! I got so many compliments when wearing it out to lunch the other day.

Camo leggings with sweater trend by Simply Sisters
Camo leggings with sweater

Here I paired my camo leggings with a pink crop sweater. This definitely brightens up the look while keeping it casual. You could also add pink or delicate accessories to sweeten up this outfit.

Camo pants paired with pink sweater for fall by Simply Sisters
Camo pants paired with pink sweater

Another way to wear this trend, is to incorporate camo pieces that are already feminine. This cropped sweater below adds a girly touch; pair it with heels to elevate the look.

With this look below, an already feminine piece, a camo skirt, is paired with a pink top and heels to give it that flirty look. You could also add a soft jacket to add some texture.

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However you decide to add camo to you wardrobe this season, don’t forget the secret: pair it with a touch of feminine, and you will look fun, fresh, and on trend.

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