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Our Love Story

So this is definitely a different type of post for us. Not a beauty or style post, home decor post, or gift guide. In the honor of my (Jamie) anniversary, I decided to write the story of my husband and I… cute, funny, complicated: Our love story. So if you like romantic comedies, this post is for you!

My husband, Mike and I met when I was 16 and he was 18, working at Target. We were acquaintances, we hung out in groups on occasion, but I definitely wouldn’t say we were friends. I had the biggest crush on him, but never let him know. I will never forget the night he gave me a ride home from work in his cool Mustang, and I was so giddy telling my girlfriends all about it the next day! But it ended there.

A few years went by and we bumped into each other at a local club. We spent the night talking, dancing, and just having a good time. He even told me that he knew I had a crush on him when we were younger. (I was mortified!) We were both seeing other people at the time, so we went our separate ways. We both ended up getting married and starting families of our own.

Fast forward a few more years, 4 kids, and a divorce later. I was still working at the same Target when Mike happened to be shopping there. We ran into each other and he asked me out on a date to go catch up. I remember we went out for drinks and laughed the night away reminiscing about old times. We continued going on dates, although I told him we were just “hanging out” because I had just gotten a divorce and wasn’t ready for a relationship. Well, needless to say, he didn’t take no for an answer and we ended up getting serious, and eventually moving in together. We became one big modern day Brady bunch.

After about two years, Mike and I had gone out for Valentine’s Day. After dinner and a movie, Mike took me to a park with a beautiful pond, we called it the Duck Pond. We walked around, holding hands, and just enjoying each other’s company. I remember it began to get cold and he wouldn’t offer me his jacket. That is when I knew something was up. We sat down on a bench, and it happened…He popped the question, proposed, asked me to marry him. I was so excited and a little nervous that I dropped the ring and it rolled under a car! We still laugh about that until this day.

Fourteen years of marriage later, and I am the happiest I have been in my entire life. Who knew those crazy 16 and 18 year old kids would one day have a story to tell…Our love story.

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  1. So funny that you dropped the ring!! lol. Totally something I would do too! I was so nervous/shocked when Jordan proposed that I gasped, “NO!” As my answer! lollll. I meant that as in “no way this is happening right now” hahaha. To this day, he will randomly sweetly say “you remember what words you uttered to me when I asked you to marry me?” I say “no.” lol.

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