Halloween Couples costumes by Simply Sisters

Halloween Couples Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching and you get invited to an adult dress up party. What on earth are you going to dress up as? It can be nerve racking and intimidating to find the right costume. We know! We have a family Halloween party every year and we have spent hours into finding the perfect Halloween Couples Costumes. We all want to win Best Couple right!? Well, don’t fret because costumes do not always have to be elaborate and expensive. You can easily put something together with what you already own, or go to your local thrift store to make the perfect outfit. We put together some of our favorite costumes over the past few years. Read along to find some fun, clever, and affordable ideas.

Favorite Movie Duo

One of the most popular costume ideas would include drawing inspiration from famous movie couples. Be sure to choose couples that are highly recognizable or timeless. Good options are Sandy and Danny (Grease) or Vincent and Mia (Pulp Fiction). See below for some other options.

Austin powers Halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Austin powers and Vanessa Kensington

For this costume, the Austin Powers costume was purchased, however I purchased this fun dress from a thrift store and had the go go boots from a previous costume.

Daphne and the Villain Halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Daphne and the Villain

For this costume, the wig was purchased, and created the rest with thrift store finds and things in our closet.

Sandlot Couples Costume by Simply Sisters
Sandlot Couples Costume

This costume was so easy to create, the swimsuit was purchased, and everything else we had on hand.

Fairy Tale or Disney Pair

Everyone loves a good fairy tale and/or Disney movie! No matter your age, I am sure a few favoritess have stuck with you over the years. These are probably the easiest costumes to just purchase if you do not have the time to search through thrift stores or make something on your own. See below for some fun ideas.

Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf as Grandama Halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf as Grandma

We created this look with a combination of costume store and thrift store purchases.

Mad Hatter and Sally Tim Burton halloween costume by Simply sisters
Mad Hatter and Sally, Tim Burton

These looks were purchased.

TV Personalities

TV personalities can be the most recognizable when going with a current couple. Think about the shows that you watch or what’s trending on Netflix. Who catches your eye? Some suggestions include dressing as couples from The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, or WWE.

John Cena and Nikki Bella Halloween Costume by simply Sisters
John Cena and Nikki Bella

For this costume, we bought the shirts and hats, then used what we had on hand.

Scary Movie Couples

Who doesn’t love a scary movie? US! unfortunately, our husband’s love them. But, luckily they do make for a good couples costume. These costumes can also be easily made with items you already have or thrift store finds and some creative make up.

Scary Movie Halloween Couple by Simply Sisters
Chucky and Bride of Chucky

The Chucky costume was purchased, and the Bride costume was thrifted. I found a cheap white dress and cut slits in it!

Funny Couples Costumes

Do you want to be the life of the party? Check out below for some fun and easy ideas  that are sure to get you some laughs!

No Filter Couples Costume by Simply Sisters
No Filter Couples Costume

This was such a fun costume o create and was created with all things we had on hand. Just had to make the filter/no filter cut outs using poster board.

The Most Interesting Man in the World Halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Dos Equis, The Most Interesting Man in The World

This was super easy. The dress was thrifted, then sowed on the Dos Equis logo that was printed out. (Husband already had the suit).

Drunk Pilot Couples Costume by Simply Sisters
Drunk Pilot Costume

These were purchased, then added some creativity with the drunkenness. (Lipstick on the collar, a funny name tag, etc.)

Go-To Costume Ideas

So when you are really pressed for time, and need a quick and easy costume, these are some ideas that have saved us in the past.

Gangster and Flapper Girl halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Gangster and Flapper Girl
Biker Dude and Biker Chick Halloween Costume by Simply Sisters
Biker Dude and Biker Chick
Zombie and Zombie Killer Costume bu simply sisters
Zombie and Zombie Hunter
80's Couple Halloween costume by Simply Sisters
80’s Couple Costume

Hopefully these ideas give you inspiration for your next Halloween couples costume. Tell us your favorites in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this post, we think you will like this one.

Thanks for following along with us! ~Simply Sisters~


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